You’ve reached my homepage on the world wide web. Hello!

On the internet I’m a computer programmer. Not on the internet I am also a computer programmer, but I also have a wife and daughter. I live in Minneapolis, in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood. On the internet I live here, or maybe more accurately when I say something I often say it on Google+. I’m on Twitter but it’s just mirror of Google+.

I work for Mozilla. You can read more about what I’m doing on my projects page.

Getting in contact

My list of online personas:

Not online, my mobile number is 773-870-0645, and I will rely on you to use that appropriately (never really been a problem so far; do recruiters count?) And my address is 3015 10th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55407. Just in case you want to send me a fruit basket.

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This is the personal site of Ian Bicking. The opinions expressed here are my own.