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really thanks you for doing work for OPLC.

I feel very concerned about helping third world countries developping. I myself spent two years in Ivory Coast and had different contact with person immersed in this reality.

Here is what I would attract your attention upon :

On a project such as OPLC I think you really got to relie upon association with a strong experience and reflexion in the domain. I mean Caritas and the like (excuse me for citing religious one but it's the one I know best). For example I feel Unicef alone is not competent enough because too far from the battle field (although their work is important too).

If you won't do, you expose yourself to be deeply deceipt. That would be a shame. For example experience shows that you always have to ask for committment of the receiver for the project to be fruictfull. If you don't ask anything for a computer (maybe small thing, maybe not money), they will end in a parrallel black market, or in the rubish ! You also have to take into account society/cultural aspects countries by countries. eg. Congo is not Ivory Coast...

Personnaly, as a first go, my prefered strategie would be to provide OPLC to as much non-governmental organizations as possible and let them bring projects with it.

Good luck.

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