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  1. Being A Manager Is Lonely

    Management is new for me. I have spent a lot of time focusing on the craft of programming, now I focus on the people who focus on the craft of programming.

    During the fifteen years I’ve been participating in something I’ll call a developer community, I’ve seen …

  2. Middleage

    This year I’m starting to understand what it is to be middle aged. I think I became middle aged in 2011, but this year maybe I know what that is.

    When I was young I viewed middle age through the lens of a young person. I would think: to …

  3. Towards a Next Level of Collaboration

    With TogetherJS we’ve been trying to make a usable tool for the web we have, and the browsers we have, and the web apps we have. But we’re also accepting a lot of limitations.

    For a particular scope the limitations in TogetherJS are reasonable, but my own goals …

  4. Defaulting To Together

    I’ve been working on an experiment, Hotdish, for several weeks now with Aaron Druck and Gregg Lind. I’m really excited about what we’re doing, and in particular I’m excited about some of the principles we are bringing to the design. Hotdish is an experiment in sharing …

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