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Oh, I see, seems you're right.

You'd need a urllib2.HTTPHandler that does what you want instead of real HTTP, then subclass mechanize.Browser to override the handler_classes attribute, and persuade twill to use your Browser subclass.

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by John Lee


It would be a clever hack to monkeypatch urllib2.HTTPHandler to override requests to certain hosts and instead send them to in-process WSGI applications. That would mean that any urllib2-using Python app should be able to work this way, including Twill or whatever else.

# Ian Bicking

That's what I meant, but no "monkeypatch" is required: you just use a different handler instead of urllib2.HTTPHandler.

# John Lee

...oh, see what you mean -- it's the "persuade twill (or whatever) to use it" part that's troublesome. Sorry for spamming your blog so much ;-)

# John Lee