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Re: Zope to LocalFS

You might want to look at Ape which is a really cool abstract storage layer for the ZODB (actually, it's meant to be / trying to be a standalone abstract persistence system). It has file system representation with knowledge of Z SQL Methods, Python Scripts, Page Templates, etc. I've used it before to move items to and from disk with a Zope copy/paste operation.
Comment on Zope to LocalFS
by Jeff Shell


Also - Ape does a really good job of preserving Properties in an easy to read and edit format. It's file system representation is really really good - and it was a few revisions ago that I used it.

# Jeff Shell

No Ape is not a good product, it breaks zexp export and undo fonctions. It also stores metadatas in a .properties file but with binary in it.

# Alexdb