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Re: Zope 3 critique comment 000

"I still find it very peculiar that no one seems to be writing a CMS with Zope 3, as that seems like the place where Zope 3 is most applicable."

There's a simple answer for this: People are writing CMSes with Zope 3. Since we already have a bunch of powerful CMSes in Zope 2, they're doing it with Five in Zope 2. :) There are also some CMS initiatives in Zope 3, but nothing that got really prominent just yet. That will come.

Comment on Zope 3 critique comment 000
by Martijn Faassen


Is it possible that with the ease of reusability of Zope3 components that a CMS isn't even necessary anymore? Instead of "fighting the framework", perhaps "there is no framework." What I find very interesting about Zope3 is that it doesn't really seem to be anything. It's more of a philosophy and a big big bag of (interoperable) components.

# Kevin Smith