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Zope 3 and modeling comment 000

I don't think it's fair to brow-beat Zope too much for its past sins. We all know what they are, and I really don't think anyone is defending Zope 2 as being a good web development platform. Experience has made that clear to many people, and Zope 3 very clearly tries to address those issues. It's still useful to consider what exactly have been the problems with Zope 2, and if Zope 3 addresses those problems in the proper way, but they deserve credit for taking their punches and then getting up and trying again.

OTOH, I know from experience when you are in the midst of one of those horrible Zope 2 apps it's hard not to get really ranty ;) It literally makes me ache when I have to work with bad DTML/Z SQL/Acquisition code. When the response to a tool becomes emotional -- and not in a good way -- the brand has a lot to make up for. I think the Zope brand is experiencing that.

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by Ian Bicking