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Though my Python mind is currently soaked in PyGTK I thought it might be fun to try porting the rendering portion of your todo example to XSL (because I also want an excuse for trying out ElementTree). A 'download this example' archive link failed to bite my nose. Yes, I could cut and paste and save from the tutorial. It might be faster and easier to download a Ruby On Snails video instead. ;)
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It's in the repository at: http://svn.w4py.org/WSGIKit/trunk/examples/todo_sql/
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Ah, thanks!

In future it may be useful to consider usability in all actions, adding obvious links to a single archive file for tutorials so interested parties can get it all in a click on a whim (which was the subversive intent of my post). That is if you are truly serious about beating Ruby at the marketing game. ;)

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