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No, WSGI isn't tied to much of anything. WSGIKit, which is built on WSGI but isn't the same as WSGI, also isn't tied to anything. On top of WSGIKit (and distributed with it) I've built Webware interfaces, and on top of the Webware interfaces I've built ZPT integration, but neither Webware nor ZPT get any special privileges from the lower layers. And in fact, most of the actual code (not including the application setup and configuration) would run just fine on Webware 0.8.1.
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Though my Python mind is currently soaked in PyGTK I thought it might be fun to try porting the rendering portion of your todo example to XSL (because I also want an excuse for trying out ElementTree). A 'download this example' archive link failed to bite my nose. Yes, I could cut and paste and save from the tutorial. It might be faster and easier to download a Ruby On Snails video instead. ;)
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Ah, thanks!

In future it may be useful to consider usability in all actions, adding obvious links to a single archive file for tutorials so interested parties can get it all in a click on a whim (which was the subversive intent of my post). That is if you are truly serious about beating Ruby at the marketing game. ;)

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Vibo is short for Vibora which means Sneak in spanish.

....Rails? what Rails? you've got give Vibo a try!!!

Ian, keep up the good work the Python web commnunity needs someone unselfish like youself.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.


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