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Re: Writing good (dynamic) code

However, terse-ness has merit in efficiency. We use shortcuts in language all the time. Idioms, contractions (not sure if that's the proper name), et al.

While I agree with the KISS paradigm, sometimes I feel it's getting taken too far in the web-development space. I have no evidence to form an argument, but I do wonder if coding for this level of read-ability will lead to "picture book" code -- code that is overly-simplified to the point of being a hindrance to efficiency.

Maybe I don't have experiences where using OO and "high-level" concepts has been a hindrance, but I do believe that the benefits out-weigh the cost when everyone understands the concepts. I believe there is a sweet-spot of balance between writing complex code efficiently and elegantly while still being readable and maintainable.

Extreme terseness can lead to obfu, but extreme verbosity can also have the same effects on maintenance AFAIK.

It might also be a matter of preference.

Interesting article -- good argument, but I think coding this way is too extreme. Or perhaps I am simply still too perl-ish for the python world, I dunno.


All the best!

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