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Re: workingenv revisited

Thanks for updating this Ian! I'm now a convert from virtual-python :)

I can confirm that the new workingenv.py works on OSX 10.4 using the latest Universal Python.

I get this error when I run "workingenv.py working-env" though:

$ workingenv.py working-env
Making working environment in working-env
Creating file bin/activate
Creating file lib/python2.4/setuptools/__init__.py
Overwriting file lib/python2.4/site.py
error: No urls, filenames, or requirements specified (see --help)

It appears to only act as a warning though since everything else works fine.

Also, a nice little shortcut I use in bash for "source working-env/bin/activate" is ". working-env/bin/activate"

Comment on workingenv revisited
by Matthew Scott


It was trying to install things even when you didn't ask (with --requirements). Fixed now, thanks. I also made the script a bit quieter.

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