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This is EXACTLY why Python is losing out to PHP.

There are WAY too many options (Zope, Twisted, CherryPy, Paste, Django, Quixote, ad nausem...) and ALL of them require a long running process (no-no in most hosting scenarios) - which leaves people with CGI, which has been widely accepted as NOT the right way to build large web apps.

This means until we have totally clean Python integration with apache (mod_python is too low level for most people, we don't want to care about returning http response codes - Python is high level remember!), or tomcat for Python <- this is what I think we need most btw (and Zope is an abomination in my eyes and nowhere close to filling this need), we're suck using Python as a client side language.

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If we have enough clear documentation for mod_python then I think it can be a killer web language. I have to read mod python tutorial 5 times to get the information that Mr.Grish states. IMO , it's a splendid tool and I am beginning to write applications in it. It all grinds down to attracting the end users with simple documentation even if it's so low level, the rest follows.

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