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I think we could carve out a better niche for Python by making it the preferred language for scripting applications.

I disagree with you vigorously. Do we want to tread the steps of such language titans as Tcl and Lua? Ha! Scripting doesn't build community and doesn't build participation, and that matters tremendously to an open source project. Scripting isn't bad for the language, it's just not very good. Honestly, I've never usefully scripted any application with Python, and I've only uselessly done it once or twice.

Also, the idea we can dominate that position is silly. Anyone can create a language powerful enough for "scripting". And they do it all the time -- Lua, rep, JavaShell, yada yada. It's stiff competition for a fairly pointless niche.

If you mean gluing together applications, yeah, okay... but that's not even a niche, it's just an idea. And the web has as much to do with that as anything.

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