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<quote>If you meant applications then look at the cross platform problems with wxWindows (Microsoft-specific), </quote>

wxWindows is MS-specific, but wxGTK works fine for me under Linux. Either way, wx has generally been my GUI of choice. And, after reading this thread, I'm going to re-think my stance on php. The pages I have created with it are a mess.

BTW, as far as the hosters go, I'd say there are basically 4 levels of python support: 1. python's installed and you can run CGI with it 2. mod_python 3. zope 4. plone

I really should start evangelizing the joys of plone to try to convince more hosts to offer it. Then again, I'm not sure how hard it is to actually keep it running. Having it on my development box at home isn't really the same.

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by James Ashley