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I put this down to lack of respect for the developer and the customer. No one running a substantial application has the desire or incentive to rebuild every component that they depend on when upgrading from one version to another. With legacy apps, the source may be lost. There are technical solutions available through XPCOM or COM to avoid breaking binaries through versions.

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by Chui Tey


I am starting to create a myspace type of application. I have two choices. Python and PHP. I am inclined to Python because of its cleaner code and strong oo, which I feel will be a huge asset in interlinking all the different types of content. Is python and cherry py an appropriate development platform, do I need anything else? My web host says that they support python (http://www.bluehost.com) but I will have to set up everything (like cherry py) myself on the server. Will it be difficult to get this running behind apache on blue host. What do you think are the relevant issues?

# Arjun