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The posts in this thread indicate that people understand the issues involved, what is required to address the issues, and some are moving forward as I type this post. Instead of helping I will continue typing...

I should mention that these are all personal choices, for personal reasons, for personal projects. I'm not aware of any available Python GUI wages.

With that in mind: I choose to avoid writing KDE or GNOME specific applications. I don't keep up, I'm tired of it, I don't care if D-BUS wins or loses. Like Debian, GNOME seems to need more bizarre life and less dusty dust. KDE needs more speed. I prefer the GPL but will put up with the Python license. I suspect OpenOffice is a dead end but would be happy to be wrong. If the first post had mentioned Firefox instead of Mozilla I may have been more enthusiastic. Is it easier to embed Python or Lua? I don't know but would guess Lua wins (given its footprint and popularity). Extending applications externally begins to look like web services, which begins to look like the original subject. :)

"if you're in the business of writing closed source commercial software for sale, but you can't make the money back to pay the licensing fees for Qt, perhaps you ought to consider another business model"

Sure, the GPL creates similar conflicts for profit motives. I wrote

"If you meant applications then look at the cross platform problems with wxWindows (Microsoft-specific), Qt (licensing issues), GTK (unMicrosoft-specific), and so on."

I was thinking of the market confusion caused by TrollTech's licenses, and the various stances and rhetoric spewed over the years. Not my confusion, the markets. Qt license threads are not new.

I choose PyGTK because I like the GPL and GTK and don't care if Microsoft users have to jump through hoops. But my personal choices weren't the point of the quoted statement. The point was that there is not a substantial Python answer to the GUI question when the multiplatform planet is asking (commercial, anti-fascist, and all the rest). The planet sized version of the GUI question begins to look like the web version of the original subject too, and other languages have better answers. My hope is that a personal project might wag the long, killer app tail and that perhaps others will react by cleaning up the messes. If not, at least I am enjoying PyGTK (except for the Menu parent/tearable/popup breeding headaches).

While not caring about a solution for others, including the newbies is certainly a valid choice that choice also surrenders the benefit of network effects, the fun of being able to say "Python is a great language, fast, easy, productive, and goes 'ping'" and not have to conditionalize with "as long as you are smarter than me, have time to learn trivia, and can afford it".

As for Parrot...

I first became nervous when Ruby brought up Visual Basic compatibility. Then Dan disappeared. Maybe Parrot is a dead end. Sadly I think the Python VM is too. So something needs to come along, if not Parrot. Not that I care all that much; I hold my personal language choices close but am prepared to release them at any moment.

Under wages PHP is much easier to pitch. :)

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