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FWIW, WSGIKit tries to achieve many of these things -- some directly, some indirectly. Setup is pretty quick and directed (not well tested outside of my Linux box, but that just takes time). It doesn't support a whole lot of servers at this point, but I just haven't put any effort into that yet -- the WSGI part should make this easy, but easy enough that it's not a Hard Problem so I feel find putting it off ;)

The first tutorial uses Webware APIs and ZPT. The ZPT library (ZPTKit) handles template reloading so that works fine. WSGIKit itself has a system for restarting the server when code is changed, so that handles other files being edited.

SQLObject is growing some management tools (sqlobject-admin) which will help with upgrading schemas and managing the upgrade of devel and live servers.

So it's getting there. It takes at least a little while, though ;) Mostly I need to bring more developers in.

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