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Why web programming matters most comment 000

"Hand-waving is an attempt to gloss over the difficulties of solving a particular problem."

"My whole point is that I don't think there is any problem at all"

Exactly. You don't think, others do.

"You can engage in further ad-hominem attacks, but that is hardly productive either, and you seem to care about being productive."

Your reply lacks any productive statements.

"The amount of hand-wringing going on over this topic is beyond belief."

"Are you all so eager to have legions of script kiddies using Python, leaving you with huge messes to clean up?"

"you guys are spouting nonsense"

And YOU complain about ad-hominem? While ignoring the substance of my response? And the numerous posts in agreement with the original blog entry? And those mapping out positive goals and directions? In other words; people like you are part of the problem. Solutions will proceed with or without you.

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It would be impossible to for me to ignore the substance of your response, Anonymous Coward, there being no substance for me to ignore.

You have supported your contention that there is some dire problem here by basically saying "See? Lots of people here agree with me. I must be right!" Hardly conclusive evidence.

On the other hand, I have made it clear that I am speaking from my own personal experience, right, wrong, or otherwise. If you consider yourself to be more credible, try signing your name for a change, and speaking to your own experiences. That would be productive.

As for solutions moving forward with or without people like myself, you are being a bit unrealistic. Preaching to the choir of like-minded people who believe that "something must be done or Ruby/PHP will beat us!" isn't going to solve the problem you claim exists. If anything, you have to sell the sceptics and nay-sayers first.

So convince me. I've already stated my reasons for believing as I do. You haven't done anything except attack my right to do so.


# L. Daniel Burr

"You haven't done anything except attack my right to do so."

You are projecting again.

# anonymous