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Re: Why Web Programming Matters Most

I'm a PHP/Java/Ruby/Python programmer. I tried once to talk (but it's amazing how some people does not know how to talk) with a influent Python local dude about this. I told him that mod_python will spread more easily if it could show all it's power running on Apache 1.x, since there's is a LOT of websites still running Apache 1.x.

That was worst than insult his mother. He became mad, angry, asked me if we need to use old tools, that is a stupid idea blah blah blah.

He did not see the point there. I was thinking in a way that could help to, for example, THOUSANDS of PHP coders try mod_python (easy), without upgrade their webservers (harder) while PHP still marked Apache 2.x as experimental. But he was not able to talk about that. I told his so beloved tool could not work perfectly (and I was able to help if there was a way, on that moment) on a older enviroment, and he became mad, offended. Stupid. Idiot.

While this kind of behaviour still exists on the Python community (and believe me, there is a lot of situations like this), the tool will not even go closer where PHP is. While PHP is not a half of the language Python is (and I think Python is very better than PHP), some Python dudes are really hard to deal.

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