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Re: Why Web Programming Matters Most


Thru the years every Python web solution I've evaluated makes at least one deadly assumption: scalability and performance don't matter, production uses compatible version control, the HTML/XML is not templatized and is not language neutral, no CGI URL will end in .html, every URL is controlled by Python code, subdirectories are class heirarchies, etc. That is why Python fails on the high end.

Python fails on the low end because PHP makes an effort to get out of the way of newbies. It is easy to get useful results out of inexperienced people without reading a lot, configuring a lot, or annoying administrators.

Solutions like Zope are closer to J2EE than to Ruby On Rails. That is a mistake.

PyGTK is a first choice. Maybe some day something like CherryPy will be too.

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How odd. My web framework made none of those assumptions. I can't imagine every other framework you looked at made them.
# Robert Brewer

Which framework? Devavu? Is Dejavu recent? I haven't looked at Python web solutions for months. A quick peek at the dejavu docs uncovers this statement.

  • Dejavu uses bytecode hacks, and therefore requires CPython.

Is Dejavu still tied to CPython?

# anonymous

Dejavu is an ORM. I don't see the relevance here.
# Daverz