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Re: Why Web Programming Matters Most

A quick search for "webware" in the comments came up with nothing. I'm a web developer with a background in cold fusion. I've been using python to code background tasks like importing and exporting data and just about anything I can think of. I recently I started playing with webware because I want to see what python can do on the web. What is everyone's comments on webware? Is it worth it's weight?

From the looks of it, a mixture of SQLObjects, Cheetah and Webware would allow you to build a damn good/flexible webapp in a couple hours.

For those who don't know of webware, http://www.webwareforpython.org/ , it's an application server in python that resembles concepts in J2EE. Servlets, PSP, all that jazz. It's open source too. Gotta love that. Thanks.

Comment on Why Web Programming Matters Most
by Eric Moritz


i'm having success with webware, but it too is missing what was identified elsewhere in this article (wrt python web frameworks in general): complete, coherent documentation and start-to-finish examples that clearly demonstrate all the major elements of webware/cheetah/etc working together to create a typical web app.
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also forgot to mention that webware's release schedule is agonizing. some people aren't comfortable living out of version control for their production code.
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I personally see WSGIKit as the future of Webware, and it provides a cleaned-up Webware experience right now. I like Webware, but it has some issues related to testability and coupling; WSGIKit started out as an effort to resolve those problems (though I think it has become more than that).

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PHP is pretty ragged sometimes but I have found that people can become productive very quickly, there are lots of good examples (or at least examples). I am leery of the move to "all objects" php5. I have never seen anything that was just impossible in PHP, and usually there is a pre-existing built in function to use, or a PEAR class that can be installed.

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