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Re: Why Web Programming Matters Most

I also totaly agree. I ended up doing a big web project in php because it was too hard to do in zope (though we tried for 3 months) and mod_python was to difficult too use compared to php. I really wish that I had done it in python now, but, its too late for that. Now I have this giant beast, albeit written well, its written in a crappy language. If python were convenient to use on the web it would be a power house. I don't want to start flaming, but after using php for a few years I can confidently say its a mess, a real scritping language. I could almost write better scripts in bash ;) --not really. I'm starting a new project and looking at zope3, but I really wish python was as clean an easy as php, and had a tool-kit as smart as rails. Alas there is still hope! Let us unite and crush the competition, lest we be the beta-max of the web. Superior, but eventualy useless.
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by Matthew Thorley