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Why should Guido concern about web framework? Let's scroll back to the top to check on Ian's key premise.

"Resolving Python's problems with web programming is the most important thing we can do to market Python."

So Guido does not directly invoked in any web development himself. But I bet he would concern about the market of Python and he would be a cheif evangelist himself. And here our believe is positioning Python as a premier web development tool is the top most important thing you can do to market Python.

I don't expect Guido to have any role in designing of picking the best framework. The best thing he can do is to be a catalyst to help the community to arrive to a better solution.

By the way I like your idea of having several layers of framework (like JSP and Struts). If the higher layer is build on top of lower layer that would be even better.

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by Wai Yip Tung