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Re: Why Web Programming Matters Most

Hi Ian. I agree with you absolutely. Too bad Guido do not concern web development that much. Even if he does not do web related work directly he should deputize a team to come up with a solution within certain time frame. If ever Python come out with any clout like Rudy on rail I can see its user base easily double or triple.

Talking about Ruby on rail its momentum does startle me. But I think more importantly it should be consider an inspiration for the Python community. It is easy for a talented Python developer to crank out a well designed framework. But what really counts is the user base and public awareness. The way Ruby on rail takes on the audience shows there are still opportunities in web development, and that PHP and Java still sucks.

Comment on Why Web Programming Matters Most
by Wai Yip Tung


It might be insane but, why Guido should be concern with every framework built atop Python? As far as I see it, it is not really his business after all.

But, on the other hand, I totally agree with Jonathan when he says that the Python community should only focus on some solutions though I think we should act on two levels.

  1. One solution that is very simple and very pythonic so that it attracts newbies. PHP works great because it doesn't force you to use a complex framework like J2EE or .NET
  2. Another solution for bigger structures like J2EE and .NET offer. There Zope and Twisted might be welcome (I don't like them to be fair but that's personnal taste.)

I've found all that burden around Rail really sane for the Python community which sometimes is really quick to think Python is the best so we don't need to keep on going on. Python community is a bit self-centric sometimes where Ruby community is not ('till now).

That's why I also don't think Guido should have anything to decide in terms of web frameworks. We can't rely only on one unique individual.

Just y 2 cents...

# S.

Why should Guido concern about web framework? Let's scroll back to the top to check on Ian's key premise.

"Resolving Python's problems with web programming is the most important thing we can do to market Python."

So Guido does not directly invoked in any web development himself. But I bet he would concern about the market of Python and he would be a cheif evangelist himself. And here our believe is positioning Python as a premier web development tool is the top most important thing you can do to market Python.

I don't expect Guido to have any role in designing of picking the best framework. The best thing he can do is to be a catalyst to help the community to arrive to a better solution.

By the way I like your idea of having several layers of framework (like JSP and Struts). If the higher layer is build on top of lower layer that would be even better.

# Wai Yip Tung