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I almost did it myself (drag to recycle bin) when I first found Python. The only reason I kept it (and am I glad I did!) was because it was recommended by a coworker (programmer) whos skills I highly respected. Soon I realized there was really nothing to be afraid of, my productivity soared and now it's my first choice for most tasks. It was an important life lesson too - to be wary of my own prejudice when encountering something new. I now realize my traumatic experience with COBOL in school, and the fact that most languages don't use whitespace, had built my prejudice.

Anyway, Python went from 8% to 14% usage in one year (fastest growing language in the enterprise) according to this InfoWorld article - http://www.infoworld.com/article/04/09/24/39FErrdev_1.html?s=feature . I'd also suggest you look at the python.org jobs page and quotes page to see what people are doing with Python. That might make you rethink your 'niche' comment.


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