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Re: Why Web Programming Matters Most

<plug> I'm yet another developer who set out to create the nicely integrated tight-stack RAD web app framework for Python. However I didn't start from scratch but instead chose Quixote as the underlying framework (very Pythonic, if not the most IMO) and built up from there. The result of that is http://www.qlime.org/. Anyway it was interesting going through the article and comments to see what people are looking for. I'd be thrilled to get more feedback regarding my framework from end users. QLime hasn't reached 1.0 yet and significant design decisions can still be made. I'd rather be building what people are going to use. </plug>

One of the reasons why there are many frameworks is that Python is inherently easy and inviting for developers. Why learn the details of an existing framework when it's easy (and fun) to just write my own? Which will also work exactly as I think it should work.


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by Shalabh