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I think you are right on the money! This is analagous to the ballyhooing that comes from the Postgres group about MySQL. Sure, it's got the bells and whistles and can also make sandwiches, but it was lost on them that it was the ease of use coming in and relaxed learning curve of MySQL (not to mention that it could also run on Windows) that helped it's popularity.

I have this sinking feeling that new easy to grok simple languages will allways spread faster than OOL's. It's easier for a noob to understand logic first then paradigm later. If he doesn't have to deal with learning OO (as an example) at the onset he gets down to the business of writing code a lot faster than one who does.

Seriously, the group of people that you want are the young kids that some have termed "script kiddies". They are the ones that get excited about it and turn it into something cool. As far back as '98 people were talking about how cool PHP is and before that they talked abuot how cool Perl is. But nobody was talking about how cool Python is. That talked seemed limited to people on high horses looking down on the hordes of kiddies. A gret many of whom grew up (a little at least) and began influencing those (like managers and publishers) around them. And if that influence wasn't at first by jaw, then it was by example.

Please don't take this the wrong way. I am someone that makes a living with PHP, but I just adore Python (inspite of the fact that I also love the Curly Brace). It's an awesome language! However, if it's a popularity game we are talking about, simplicity is the ulitmate trump card. PHP has that.

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