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Why web programming matters most comment 000

I agree with you in part Paul. And I shouldn't have used the word "suck" to describe any of the existing frameworks, as they still beat the pants off of anything available for PHP or Perl. The people who work on those frameworks can and should be proud of them. But, I do believe that they don't stack up to Rails. I agree that their hype machine is running at full steam, and that is pretty obnoxious. But, its hard to deny the traction they are getting.

And, no, they aren't doing anything all that impressive technically. People have been writing bits and pieces of the Rails framework in Python for years and years. But, they aren't putting all the pieces together in a simple way and working together to create a singular foundation. Rails is doing it well, doing it all, documenting it, and getting it publicized. I just wish that we had something comparable.

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by Jonathan LaCour