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That's true -- documenting configuration, and how it relates to frameworks and other pluggable pieces, is another important task. But asking questions on the mailing list is also a good way to resolve some of these things; in some cases I don't actually have an opinion on how parts should work.

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by Ian Bicking


I think the frantic pace of changes scared off a lot of the people who were using Paste. It certainly scared me off; Subway no longer runs on Paste. I just couldn't keep up with it when CP started having rapid changes, too.

# Peter Hunt

That's disappointing to hear. The changes were largely meant to solidify the interface that other people would be using, and to give other people the flexibility to fit their systems into Paste. I did those quickly because I was working hard to get Paste into a place where those interfaces were available and stable. Core aspects of Paste have also been very stable; the Webware API, which I keep in working order, and which is more intimately tied to Paste than most frameworks normally would be, has required very few updates, even as I work on other parts of the system.

# Ian Bicking

I've moved into the category of a lurker because my current projects work just fine on older code, and because when I do take the time to update myself on a particular technology or framework I prefer it to be solidified so that my new-found knowledge support me for the next six months or so. I think when Paste reaches a plateau in terms of implementation more of the sideliners will move in to hammer on smaller pieces.

# Eric Radman