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Re: What is WSGIKit?

Framework glue, huh? Pehaps you could call it "sticky" or "elmers", "Pyste" (python-paste or phonetically "pissed"). I'm envisioning frameworks as popsicle sticks or toothpicks and WSGIKit as the paste that holds it all together. Hmm... WSGIKit -> stikwig, swiktig, wisk, gitwisk, wig skit! Hmm... running "wsgi glue" through an gives "wiggles u". ;-) Hmm... What about "Waypoint"?
Comment on What is WSGIKit?
by Chad Walstrom


Just call it Chicago... as in "all roads lead to Chicago". ;-) Isn't that what WSGI is all about? For a more Euroasian reference, you could use "Constantinople", but that's pretty long. Besides, aren't you from the windy-city?
# Chad Walstrom