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Re: What is Paste

I've been following the work on Paste on svn, and missed two things, the first on is this explanation (I think it can use some more examples, though) and another one is a ChangeLog file for tracking development. Is this last one awkward to work with? Thanks for the good work!

Comment on What is Paste
by pachi


I guess I've never really kept a change log for any project I've done. I try to keep good svn log messages, and paste-checkins will let you track that. Once there are releases I want to keep a news file for significant API changes (which is generally much easier to track than a change log). The bug tracker should keep track of some other details. I'm not sure exactly where a change log fits into that.

# Ian Bicking

Oh, I wasn't aware of that one. Maybe it could be possible to pipe the check-in messages into a ChangeLog style file so those check-in messages can be read without svn or an avaliable connection... Maybe I'm too lazy, or too used to a way of doing things, but I track quite a bunch of projects and I use to read the ChangeLogs to see what has been going on and when something appealing catches my attention I give it a closer look. I just thought that would make some people track Paste more closely... and it deserves it :)

# pachi

I should create an RSS feed from it using this: http://svn.pythonfr.org/public/pythonfr/utils/subversion/subverssed.py

Otherwise svn log can show you cumulative log messages.

# Ian Bicking