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By CMS I specifically mean the workflow of one person editing a document over several sessions, others possibly previewing it and correcting it, and then clicking something to make it visible to the public. Enhancements include a rich Javascript editor, talkbacks, gathering articles into magazine issues, adding article metadata, etc. We have the parts for all this, but some users rightly want it to work out of the box, and will skip over TG/Pylons to Plone if they don't have it. Unfortunately Plone is in its own little world and depends on Zope 2, making it more difficult down the road when you want to combine the site with non-Plone tools.

Security is a relatively straightforward problem. Articles have roles (author, editor). There will have to be some map of users to roles ("editor for all articles", "author for this article"). Then the authorization code just has to enforce it.

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by Mike Orr