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Re: Transit and energy intensity

PRT is only a concept. LRT is a proven success. Here's a video that dispells the myths that PRTistas spin about LRT being "old-fashioned' and ineficient:


Videos about PRT here:


Comment on Transit and energy intensity
by Avidor



> PRT is only a concept.

Absolutely correct.

> LRT is a proven success.

That really depends on how you define success. We have one in our town, but only a very tiny fraction of the population are in a position to utilize it. It appears empty most of the time. So if you define success as an alternative to the automobile, I would say it fails. The numbers just aren't there.

As for the dumpmarkolson blog, I don't know who Mark Olson is. I've know of J. Edward Anderson, but only vaguely. I have no connection to either one so I'm at a loss to understand you point.



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