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There's certainly a lot of good things about the suburbs. Lots of the tolerance and diversity of the city are just built on the apathy and indifference of the populace towards each other.

Personally I don't think centralized cities are a good idea -- cities where there's a strong downtown that is the center of activity, and a blending to residential building from that. I'd prefer medium density with lots of room for diverse and eclectic land usage -- on all scales, down to mixed use blocks and buildings. This isn't anti-suburb really, though it is something that traditionally suburbs have outlawed through strict and highly separated zoning.

One of the things I like about PRT is that it's a transit system with no center. People can choose what their center is, and it will likely overlap with other views of the community -- since really there's always a set of overlapping communities, not segmented communities. This can respond much better to self-directed changes in communities over time, and without any overarching plans.

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