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Re: Towards php comment 000

"I already abhor losing any information on server restart -- I always regret it later -- so I don't put anything valuable in memory."

For my applications, there always seems to be all kinds of temporary crap that I'd like in memory to avoid recomputing, but that I can always auto-re-derive from my normalized data on a restart. I guess either we're writing different kinds of apps, or we're not really disagreeing, or a little of both -- what I keep in memory isn't "valuable," either, but I do enough of it that if the only caching API I had were a session-based one, my code would suck.

(This isn't really about premature optimization, either; I could point at any number of pages where doing a dozen queries to set things up once a day or once a server restart is okay, but doing it once per page load is unacceptable with any number of users.)

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by Jonathan Ellis