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My reference to CGI is merely to acknowledge that it is the only current system that really is fully like PHP; but it's not a practical way forward for Python. It just doesn't scale to complex code -- it scales well for lots and lots of users, but for large codebases it performs badly. PHP's CGI-like model might be part of why object-oriented code is not very well valued there -- PHP punishes large codebases more than Python. (Which is why I noted PHP doesn't have a built-in large codebase like Python does in the standard library.)

I would just like to see a single preferred, really good process and server model for Python; not to the exclusion of anything else, but something we can point people to as a good starting point. There's a handful of issues that need to be solved on that level that haven't been solved yet (like reloading), and it just needs to be done right. WSGI is still very handy, particularly because it means that building that server isn't a prerequesite for work on other levels, and that it won't invalidate that other work in the future. WSGI allows diversity, but because it means we can make more granular decisions it also means we should eventually start consolidating around certain best-of-breed pieces at some of the levels of the stack that can now be chosen independently of other parts. In this case there's no server that I think is good enough currently, but we're close, and it would be a good thing to tackle at this time. And the result should perform every bit as well as CGI in all the ways CGI performs well.

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