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Re: Towards a More Perfect Version Control

For coupling issue (and ticket) tracking and source control I've been very impressed by Trac

We're currently using it for ad-hoc documentation, source code viewing, and ticket tracking (we started with issues but now every piece of work has an associated ticket). It's really nice being able to cross reference change sets, wiki pages and tickets in the same environment.

Comment on Towards a More Perfect Version Control
by Andy Todd


I've used Trac as an issue tracker, and I've liked it well enough as that. I somewhat prefer Roundup for more involved issue tracking, but I think Trac has a more accessible UI for public projects. But I haven't felt any real motivation to use any of its other features (or Roundup Subversion integration for that matter). I don't need Yet Another Wiki (and worse Yet Another Wiki Markup). That's not how I want to keep my documentation. The Subversion integration might be good, but I never remember to link them up. They are too far away from each other, IMHO; web and svn client are very different modes for me.

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