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Re: Towards a More Perfect Version Control

I think we are already most of the way there with Monotone:.

I have only been trying it out for a little while now, but it has a few features that could be glued (with a little bit of Python or something) to Bugzilla or any number of other development tracking tools.

  1. It supports arbitrary metadata attached to submissions and changes. This could be used to track the status of a patch, where the current discussion is taking place, a bug number, etc.
  2. It supports multiple head revisions. So people working on the patch can simply work on a seperate head until the patch is approved, then merge it into the "official" head.
  3. It is very configurable. It uses Lua: as its configuration language, and it has a large number of hooks that can be customized.
  4. It has a "scripting" version for its commands to make it easy to automate most tasks.

I guess all that is needed is a bit of work to tie it all together. There are already a few projects that integrate with it, but I couldn't find any that integrate with bug tracking or email patch submission systems.

Comment on Towards a More Perfect Version Control
by Alan Falloon