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Re: Towards a More Perfect Version Control

In our enterprise development one of the things that I have been working on putting together is a way that error reporting, trouble ticketing, version control, unit test coverage, and IDE are tied together.

If an unexplained error happens a support person is automatically assigned a trouble ticket and emailed. Tech does initial research and closes out ticket because he could handle the problem or bucks it up to the developers with what ever information he could glean. Developer researches, resolves the issue if he can, generates additional unit testing. New trouble ticket is generated for each developer to peer review the new unit tests and the patch. Reports at the end of the month about what code was changed and who changed it, did it cause problems, what kind of problems and how was it fixed.

I have been using Roundup as an issue management for a while and I do already create trouble tickets based on events in applications via email. The next step is tying in the versioning system. There has been many developments with Roundup and SVN in the last few months. So I think that this is what I need to set up next. My dream isn't too far away.

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