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Re: Thoughts on Ruby on Rails

I'm researching a framework for a code rewrite of a large web application. I've been pointed at Rails and Zope. I have no experience in either so I have a fresh perspective on them. I haven't found much decent documentation on Zope 3. There's plenty of it though. The whole design to me seems sloppy and more like a dirty hack to encapsulate MVC and other ideas. Zope does tout a larger user base and a more extensive set of components. It isn't at all clear how everything works in Zope due to the lack of any good documentation. Now, Rails on the other hand is very well documented and it is kept up to date. The Zope docs seems to be rotting. Rails takes MVC and seems to shape itself to that pattern. It's clear almost immediately how things work and where to begin. I feel we could easily start using Rails and all feel very comfortable in it. Zope on the other hand seems to have a quite steep learning curve which I mostly attribute to a lack of good documentation. Rails seems to embody a newer style of web development whereas Zope has a more legacy feel to it. Our project is quite large and is funded for 12 years so I want something that won't need to be rewritten anytime soon. Zope just doesn't have the enormous forward momentum that Rails does right now. Rails is only going to get better. Zope 3 is still stumbling around trying to fix their previous problems with Zope 2. In my opinion, Rails is the best framework I've seen thus far.

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by Brian McQuay