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Theres so much more than rails comment 000

I think the battle is over your last sentence, because the appearance is that there is this huge class of problems people are solving that are all "the need to build a database-driven website". And python people freaked out by Rails are seeing an apparently large number of people facing that problem statement evaluating the tools and choosing Ruby/Rails over Python/X, which apparently calls into question the freaked-out person's own choice of Python/X for their own specific website-building problem. In many cases it's valid for them to doubt their own choice (just because it's a herd doesn't mean it's not also a great tool), however painful that realization.

But it's also probably the case that the problem statement is too broad and too short-termed, and in my opinion it is almost certainly the case that neither Django or Rails with their "complete self-maintained stack" mentality are likely to hold onto the title of best tool as long as they might have otherwise.

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by Luke Opperman