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Re: There's so much more than Rails

You are so write. In fact Rails is not the only Ruby web framework. Have a look at the sophisticated Nitro/Og framework. Watch some example videos here:


Comment on There's so much more than Rails
by George Moschovitis


Not to mention Wee and Borges. Seems like Ruby is well on the way to the same plethora Python "enjoys" today. Since I'm in the middle of technology path selection for my present employer, who generates many web apps and who does not want to revisit the decision for several years after it's been made, this kind of crystal-ball stuff is most of what I've been doing the last couple weeks. Hence the call to merge tg/sw - and, yeah, why not paste while you're at it?

Since I'm also looking at seaside, in my mind there are 4 drivers for productivity and maintainability in new web app frameworks:

To my thinking it seems to come down to what I'd call SymmetryOfLanguage.

# Peter Merel