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Re: Best of Breed

I feel a bit odd saying this, as I am a TurboGears fan, but this meme that TurboGears is repackaging components better than Django is ... well, a bit of our own hyping, isn't it? There were plenty of templating engines for Python before Kid came along; there were plenty of other web stacks than CherryPy --- that Kevin chose to build on these was his decision, his opinion. SQLObject definitely has an opinion of how to interface Python with an RDBMS. Everytime someone picks at Django for "rolling their own" it comes across as dissing them for having an opinion. (Especially as these conversations usually end with the caveat that "Oh, well, Django's been around long enough that they pre-date Kid and the improvements to SQLObject and blah blah blah...")

It's a bit sad, as this should be an amazing time for Python --- both Django and TurboGears providing all the parts and glue are an amazing achievement, in very little time.

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