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Theres so much more than rails comment 000

Right; you shouldn't force people to reuse and share code. That's just another name for a big all-encompassing framework. Well, you do have to force it on some level, and I want to do that. But that's not about aesthetics so much as functionality. So WSGI is one of those levels; but WSGI is a well-specified API that is very closely tied in heritage to CGI, and in functionality HTTP, both good choices. Eggs are another one of those things. And I want Paste Deploy to also be part of that -- simple and relatively formal ways of indicating configuration and creating an application, as well as stronger promises about isolation than WSGI alone demands. But none of these are meant to be about APIs and aesthetics; I hope that these all can be streamlined and made easy/invisible/automatic by the complete-story framework developers.

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