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Re: There's so much more than Rails

Great post. I nominate a quote of the week: "But if you think that's it, that there's nothing left to work on, then you sorely lack imagination."

Incidentally, I think the "monkey patch" term originated as follows. First it was "guerilla patch", referring to code that sneakily changes other code at runtime without any rules. In Zope 2, sometimes these patches engage in battle with each other. This term went around Zope Corporation for a while. People heard it as "gorilla patch", though, since the two words sound very much alike, and the word gorilla is heard more often. So, when someone created a guerilla patch very carefully and tried to avoid any battles, they tried to make it sound less forceful by calling it a monkey patch. The term stuck.

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by Shane Hathaway


Great post; seconded. +1.

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