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Re: THE and LEAP

What I think is really lost in all of the recent noice being made about Raskin's LEAP thing is that with utilities like QuickSilver _we already have this? on the Mac. My "LEAP" key is command-space. I hit that key combo, type in a command (with incremental search on the results and a learning algorithm) and hit return to run the command. I can even make advanced command selections using arrow keys and tab to further refine or enhance the action I have selected. I can be in the middle of one app, and with a few keystrokes append a note into a text file and pop back without evern needing to lift my hands from the keyboard.

Comment on THE and LEAP
by Jim


There is some distinction in that THE commands are much more granular than Quicksilver commands -- basically every command that is available, things like "save" and "next page". Of course part of the idea of THE is that there's no fundamental distinction between these small commands and other larger commands.

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