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Re: Testing Install Procedures

Hello, Ian.

I'm on a Windows XP box and 'd like to trial your installation procedure.

Should I just use trunk from SVN?

Comment on Testing Install Procedures
by Max Ischenko


Hi Max. The instructions in this document should more-or-less work, including installing the application itself; that would be a good place to start:


The Subversion repository will be moving around a little (probably tonight) as I put in place the newly refactored core Paste project.

# Ian Bicking

And definitely tell me how it goes, I'm quite curious. Platform issues always catch me where I least expect them.

# Ian Bicking

Hmm, I wanted to start simple, but the following command failed:

D:\Projects\3rd-party\paste\bin>easy_install.py -v -f http://pythonpaste.org/package_index.html \
   --script-dir=bin    PasteWebKit ZPTKit 'SQLObject>=0.7a' WSGIUtils
error: Could not find distribution for Requirement('PasteWebKit', [], ())

I checked package index by hand, it looks fine.

# Max Ischenko