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Re: SQLObject Tools

Hey Ian,

actually today I was doing my considerations about switching to Ruby on Rails and there is really one thing keeping me from switching to the dark side of the Rails framework: lack of production ready PostgreSQL drivers. Ok, it's just a suspect. The http://download.rubyonrails.com/ site shows on their left column some links to recommended libraries and, guess what, their development is hanged since 2003 (http://www.postgresql.jp/interfaces/ruby/) and supports PostgreSQL up to 7.2. So I searched a bit more and found http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/show/PostgreSQL which doesn't mention how Pg 8 is supported. So I google a bit and find a host claiming:

postgres-pr (0.3.6) A pure Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL (>= 7.4) database

So, wassup in the Ruby world with the Pg 8 support? You, for sure, know this stuff better than me. Maybe the PostgreSQL engine hasn't changed that much from version 7 to 8(having added only a few things beside Win support) so this maybe is a non-issue. But still I wouldn't like to get burnt loosing data in some of my tables for some unsupported driver I've used because there's no alternative to use MySQL.

But, probably, I'll decide to take my chances and switch anyway.


Comment on SQLObject Tools
by Mike


Beats me, really. But I do know that the Postgres driver situation has always been a little odd on Python, and I guess that there may be some real technical reason for that, between psycopg, Popy, PygreSQL, and maybe one other driver. Now things are pretty stable, but it took a while for that to get figured out.

# Ian Bicking