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Plus, waiting for distributions to solve it introduces a massive time lag. I'm perpetually annoyed with installation of packages, because I really don't like putting non-distribution packages into distribution directories like /usr. Putting things in /usr/local still means, essentially, that you need to be root, and giving one particular project a Python module that it needs is a massive pain. I too use virtual-python.py, and it's a solution, but (and do please take this the way it's meant) it's a nasty hack rather than a proper way to solve the problem. It ought to be easy to, say, drop TurboGears stuff in a directory of my project and have it get used, and it completely is not easy. Setuptools does not help here one little bit, because it thinks it's managing the One Central Python and has to be contorted into a per-user basis; it can't do per-project installation of extra packages without further contortions.
Comment on Site packages considered harmful comment 000
by Stuart Langridge