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+1 on the idea of INSTANCE_HOME. However, I think you do want a globally-installed executable that "owns" the instance. Think of the instance as a word processing document, and the executable as your word processor. Files and applications, man. The zen is in defining a generic-yet-coherent problem domain for the application: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations.


httpy hits the generic-yet-coherent sweet spot for the "website" problem domain. The httpy executable "owns" an instance. Instances can contain multiple sub-apps, each with their own libraries located in situ. So, for example, a single site could integrate a CMS written with Zope 3, a Roundup issue tracker, and a custom contact form, let's say. You also get sitewide in- and outbound hooks for centralized security, templating, etc.

Full docs at http://www.zetadev.com/software/httpy/.


"[Y]ou also don't literally want a complete copy of the package in each instance home."

Why not? Disk space is definitely not the limiting reagent.

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by Chad Whitacre